two thousand and fifteen and stuff.


im not too sure if i was suppose to make a post in the beginning of the year or not. so I'm going to do that right about...meow.

dudes. two thousand and fourteen was such a blur to me. i honestly do not know what happened or who all i have met.
all i know is that i was busy with work and just wasn't living it the way i wanted. i traveled a lot to huntsville to see my girlfriend at the time, and well..that was it. my niece was growing up and i got to see her every single day and tried to make her love me. lol.

i mean all that was cool and stuff but i was lacking my relationship with God. i struggled to stay focus on him and his word. i wore a mask in front of everyone. and needless to wasn't that great of a year but its cool.


its twenty fifteen ya'll. seriously i am super excited for this year. it started off pretty solid with travels to chicago and lots of pizza and donuts. while being up there i got this crazy feeling to just move up to chicago. but who knows maybe i will ;]
this year i vowed to myself that i would travel a lot more and focus on getting every state under my belt. i want to go EVERYWHERE. here are some places i have in mind.

1)  chicago
2) seattle
3) portland
4) austin
5) new york
6) los angeles

a lot of places i know, but hey a man can dream.

I'm just trying to figure myself out this year man. like work is cool and what not but i sure don't want to do this my whole life. ha. but whatever God throws at me I'm going to accept it and keep going with it. 'I'm whit it'

one thing that i am super super excited about is finding myself in my art. videography and photography to be exact. recently i did an engagement video for my friend's megan and noah and i feel like it turned out alright! so I'm going to venture out and get a little bit more comfortable with that. also i get to shoot a model in march so thats cool and something I've never did before. i mean yeah i guess.

anyway i have no point to this blog. i just wanted to talk about life and i just kinda did it. I'm sitting at The Well Coffeehouse taking up a three person table cause all the other tables are pretty much full. and its MLK day so i am grateful i get to sit in this coffee shop with out segregation and judgement. also I'm trying to take a cool instagram picture without getting caught. yeah this sums up my life right now.

talk to you later my peeps.