Day 1 of Haiti: Depature to.

Today we start our journey towards Haiti! After about of day of craziness and trying to rearrange our flights we finally got a flight this morning. And I just want to thank God for that! As we were on our flight and preparing to take off in Miami, I pondered to myself about how crazy that all these people could fly in one aircraft. And then just looking at the sunrise made me appreciate,and love even more, Gods creation. My expectations for this trip is unknown to be honest. I mean don't be me wrong I want to make an impact but there is just so many opportunities down there. But I do hope that in some way God shines his light through us and impact the country of Haiti. This intro blog is short and simple. I'll save the good stuff for later! Continue to pray for us!

- Megan - Austin - John - Morgan - Dora - Haley