Day 2 of Haiti: Your Presence

Another day in the great country of Haiti I may say. As most of us finally got up, we started off with breakfast. French toast and bacon was on the menu, and was quite fulfilling too! As we all know today was a Sunday (just incase) and it's always time for church. Well today we went to an english speaking church for a morning service. I expected this church to be a little run down and not built fully, but man was I wrong! This church was built amazingly and filled with people waiting to hear the sermon. It really amazes me how different and fast Haiti has grown. They went from a country that was torn and devastated by an earthquake, to a country that has become even more beautiful to me. The service was good, just like any other normal American service.... you know what... im going to stop here. lol Just listen to this...this is how God is speaking to me about Haiti and how basically the Haiti people feel. They accept the Holy Spirit and they welcome it! They sing and praise him ALL DAY LONG, even at this moment (11:42pm).