Real Productivity.

So we live in a world that likes to measure productivity. The only thing that matters in life to people is what you make of yourself, how well you’re doing for yourself, how many degrees you have, how much money you have, how many people you know, how many places you’ve been, and how much you can get done in a single 9-5 work day. Everyone wants to measure your life by their own skewed definition of productivity. I haven’t been real productive lately, by any of the definitions above, which has been a real conversation starter with God and I in the past few weeks.

“God, I just feel so lame, I feel like I’m not getting anywhere, I feel like I’m not making progress with anything, I feel like days are going by, while my life is at a stand still, and I feel like everyone I know is just doing so much more with their life than I am! I just want to make progress with something and see results! I want to achieve something!”

This monologue was rehearsed daily, until God graciously directed my attention to a different, revised mindset as He usually graciously, and lovingly does lol.

“People will measure your life by anything and everything visible. I measure your life by anything and everything invisible. You could make millions in single work day, you could create the next most innovative piece of technology out there, you could write a book, you could re-do your kitchen, you could help 20 people with all their emotional issues, you could teach a class, you could solve world hunger… But if you and I don’t talk, you didn’t get anywhere that day. I don’t care about how much you get done physically. I care about How much you got done spiritually. Did you learn something new? Did you take on a new characteristic of mine? Did you learn to care about people like I do? Did you learn something new about who I am? Did my example change your attitude about something? Did you decide to trust me more today? Did you decide to stop worrying yet? Have you realized that you’ve been so busy with jobs that you have had no time to work on the only thing I care about… your heart? But of course not, because your mind is on tasks and not on people. Your mind is on measuring productivity with everyone else’s definition and not on mine”.

This checked me… As it should.

…Sad truth- We are very much a thing oriented society, where as we should be a people oriented society. The only thing we have to hold over one another is who has the most toys at the end of his/her life, Who got the farthest, Who became the wealthiest… While people suffer emotionally everyday, because we’re too busy being productive and not caring about what God cares about. When I pick up a bible, I tend to read as much as I can in a single sitting, instead of focusing on a concept, and letting it change me. I think that’s a problem. The bible can’t be life changing if you dont let it change your life. It’s not about what or how much you read, it’s about letting it change you. If we’re not changing from day to day spiritually, for the better, we’re not being very productive.

“Intense love does not measure, it gives”- Mother Theresa

But we cannot give love if we first do not receive it through the time we spend with God. So if you wanna get somewhere today, spend time on your heart, ask God what needs to be fixed and let Him reveal things to you.

Hopefully that hit someone like it hit me.

Well, have a productive day! :)