He is slow to anger and rich in love

This morning I didn't wake up a happy camper. I drove to work and clocked in and ignore anyone and everyone that came up to me. I was the guy that no one wanted to talk to this morning. why? because what upset me made me become angry with my co-workers. I was just upset.. How does this affect my Christian faith? Badly. I will tell you that now. Throughout the Bible is says that the Lord is slow to anger and abounding in love (Exodus 34:6, Psalm 86:15, Psalm 103:8 and lots more), so how can I be an effective Christian if I am not looking at the Lord's example but letting my flesh take over.

I am not saying I must never get angry - but there is a difference between righteous anger and sinful anger.

Had a breakthrough this afternoon. Things which make me angry - I shouldn't be a part of! Wow - simple! If it is going to affect my Christian faith, I am not putting God above all else. If I am letting anger come between my relationship with the Lord, then I must examine myself.

Thank God He is slow to anger and abounding in love. Next time I get angry, I am going to think of all the times the Lord could have destroyed me because He was so angry at me (which is in His right), but instead, He forgave me because He loves me so much.

disclaimer: if you are upset with someone tell them. relax. take a break. vent. forget and forgive. show love.


"the community"

I'm really excited to start this project called "the community". What I am doing is going out and interviewing people about their lives and what they go through on daily basis and how their lives have changed. So I hope that when people watch the videos they be encouraged or get something out of it. Be on the look out for episode number one it in March!