it ain't easy when a heart breaks

listen to this song:

What does this song truly mean? How is it applied to my life? The more I searched for answers in the depth of these lyrics, the more I fell in love with God. Here is what I found God lead me to:

In this song, Ben Rector is talking about facing trials. You know, the kind of trials that leave a devastating impact on your life. When you wake up and find out horrible news; when your life is flipped upside down from one phone call; when your heart shatters, and you’re left with nothing to do but to pick up the pieces. In those moments, when we have nothing left and fall to our knees–that’s when we look for Jesus because God is the only person who can provide comfort. In fact, a friend once said that he prays for people to have their “boil moment”. God is usually the last resort for people because it’s not until a heartbreak strikes that people need Jesus.

Most people only look to God in times of trouble. Despite our misuse of God’s love, He still comes through and shows us grace and mercy, “the confusion and the doubts you had up and walk away, they walk away.”. This is what brings me in awe of Jesus. Too many times we keep Him nailed to the cross out of convenience or shame or whatever else that hinders us from reaching out to Him, but when it’s our time to carry our burdens Jesus doesn’t nail us to them. He doesn’t look at us in spite. He doesn’t bind us to our heartbreak. What amazes me is instead Jesus walks over to us, helps us carry the cross of our burdens, and loves us.